Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treamtment

What is Cezanne

We are proud to offer the Cezanne smoothing treatments. In our opinion, it is the most naturally effective way to achieve frizz free smooth hair without the harsh chemicals. Cezanne treatments are always 100% formaldehyde and all other aldehyde free. It is also free of all toxins and harsh chemicals while providing the same long lasting benefits as traditional keratin treatments in the same category. 

The best part? There is no vapor or fumes which means no masks or ventilation is needed. Cezanne smoothing treatments will not irritate the scalp or release noxious gases and is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Using low pH technology, these treatments actually strengthen the hair. During thermal or high pH treatments the bonds in our hair become broken or damaged and the technology in Cezanne treatments has the ability to restore those bonds.  

Why it works

Cezanne treatments work with their revolutionary blend of Aloe Vera, Sericin, keratin, Glycolic Acid, vitamins, and botanical extracts. Sericin is a natural protein produced by the silk worm. In hair, sericin is attracted to keratin. It acts as a cement reticulated proteins. Cezanne is the only product that uses sericin to lock hair into a smoother sleeker form while sealing in moisture and protecting the bonds in our hair. Glycolic Acid is a popular anti-aging ingredient that is used for its moisturizing and exfoliate benefits. It is used to enhance softness, increase manageability, and to protect and prevent breakage. It also contains Vitamins C, E, B3, B5, B6 and Sugar Cane, Lemon, Apple and Green Tea Extracts.  

What's the catch

There is none! With Cezanne there are no associated restrictions. Hair can be colored the same day, after the treatment. Hair can still be styled with bounce and wave. There is no waiting time to wash your hair, in fact you can leave the salon and go straight to the gym or pool. 

We offer both the Cezanne Classic and the Cezanne Express. The Classic smoothing treatment lasts 3-5 months. The amount of time varies by client hair type, texture and proper at home care and maintenance routine. With the Express smoothing treatment, you can expect 4-6 weeks.  

For more information please visit: https://www.cezannehair.com/